Khairpep’s patented K18PeptideTM has an unusual origin story. Respected professor of biotechnology Dr Artur Cavaco-Paulo and a team of European researchers were working to save and preserve ancient tapestries when they developed a long-chain peptide that could penetrate and rebuild tapestry fibres. They realised the other potential applications of this discovery, and made a major breakthrough in 2006 – demonstrating, for the first time, that a long-chain peptide could penetrate human hair. After extensive further research, K18PeptideTM was developed –

the first long-chain peptide that can penetrate the hair cortex and permanently repair the hair’s disulfide bonds.



K18Peptide™ is a oligo peptide formulated to shuttle amino acids (the building blocks of hair) into the inner structure of the hair. Once inside the hair, the unique amino-acid chain bonds with the hair protein, repairing the broken disulfide bonds, reattaching the hair fibre, adding strength and elasticity, and restoring the hair’s health, shine and manageability.

KhairpepTM Transforme leave-in treatments:

  • Are clinically proven to repair, strengthen and restore elasticity to damaged hair

  • On the first treatment, restore strength by up to 85% and improve elasticity up to 120%

  • Give improved results with repeat treatments, providing up to a further 41% increase in hair strength, with maximum benefit achieved after 3 to 4 treatments

  • Repair and strengthen hair that has become fine and fragile

  • Do not wash out even after repeated shampooing, unlike traditional treatments or ‘plex’-type products

  • Achieve stronger and healthier-looking hair.


Khairpep is available to NZ salons exclusively through Morph Haircare.
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